New Year 7 Students September 2020

For parents who submitted their uniform order between 26 June and 27 July 2020. Uniform will be available to collect from school from 19 August onwards.


Outwood Academy Carlton has one official supplier of uniform – Trutex. Uniform can be purchased directly from trutexdirect.com and events will be held throughout the year at the Academy. Uniform can also be purchased from Wakefield at The Trutex Store but please be mindful that OGAT or Trutex do not have control of the prices in this store.

The online brochure can be accessed here

If parents have any issues specifically relating to the sizing of uniform items, would you please email j.fletcher@carlton.outwood.com and these will be raised with Trutex.

All students are required to wear the School uniform. They will not be reminded of our uniform policy and will be issued with an SLT detention if it is not adhered to at all times.

Blazers must be worn, with shirts tucked in at ALL TIMES. The School uniform should not be altered in any way, for example by adding clips, badges or stickers. The School supports charities and, at specific times of the year, may allow charity badges to be worn. Outside of these times, students should show their support for their chosen charity by attaching these items to their bags.

Any items of clothing, jewellery or hair accessories that do not adhere to the policy will be confiscated and an SLT detention will be issued. Parents may wish to collect these items at the end of the School day.

Blazers may always be removed when eating in the dining hall. On very hot days, the Principal may notify students that they are allowed to remove their blazers while outside. However, it should never be assumed that this is the case without confirmation from staff. On these days, blazers must be carried and never forced into bags or tied around the waist. Blazers must always be worn on entry to and exit from the building, in corridors and when entering and leaving the School grounds at the start and the end of the day.

NB: The final decision with regard to all issues relating to uniform will be made by the Principal.