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In ICT students will learn relevant skills and use programs in the Microsoft Office package (word processing, spreadsheets and databases). Students will also learn creative skills such as graphic design, web design, animation and video. The theory looks at the ‘online world’ and how we use technology in everyday life.



Key Stage 3

The ICT course at Key Stage 3 provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to access the iMedia course in Key Stage 4.

In year 7 we predominantly cover ICT skills. We build on students’ knowledge from primary school and aim to support all subjects in their use of ICT. Towards the end of the year we also cover visual programming.

In year 8 we focus completely on Computer Science. This year is designed to build students’ knowledge in order to access a further course of Computer Science at GCSE or A’Level, or the iMedia ICT/Creative Media course. There is a significant amount of theory based work as well as programming in a text based language.


If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Mr Simpson

Key Stage 4

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia / ICT

In this course we cover ICT Theory, Graphic Design and the use of ICT in Media.

Creative iMedia is assessed in the following way:


If you would like further information about the topics, themes or assessment for this course please contact: Mr Simpson.

Enrichment Opportunities for ICT

Please see the current Academy Enrichment Programme Booklet for details of enrichment opportunities in this subject area.

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