Free School Meals

The way in which you apply for Free School Meals has changed. The paper application is no longer in use and parents/carers wishing to apply for Free School Meals will now need to do this online.

All enquiries relating to Free School Meals should in the first instance be sent via email to , BMBC recommend that you send an email rather than ringing. This mailbox is monitored throughout the day and in most cases BMBC are able to respond the same day. You should always include the child’s name and date of birth in the email so that BMBC can quickly identify the child and respond.

Parents are advised to contact BMBC on 01226 787787. The old telephone number of (01226 773513) will be disconnected on 01 April 2016.

Once an application form has been completed and submitted, it is instantly received and is ready to be processed. There is no requirement to print this form and send it to BMBC in the post.

For parents that do not have access to the internet, parents contact BMBC on the above number.

BMBC do not always require an application form to be completed. As the Free School Meals are awarded as part of the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support processed, BMBC will make an award of Free School Meals automatically where they can, if they know a child’s school.

The only parents that BMBC need forms from are those that do not receive any Housing Benefit or Council Tax support. This could be people who are supported under the immigration and asylum act and anyone who might still live with their parents/friends/other family member (i.e. child’s grandparents).

Qualifying Criteria
•Income-based & Contribution-based JSA or ESA on an equal basis
•Income Support (IS)
•Income Based Jobseekers Allowance (IBJSA)
•Income-related employment and support allowance (IRESA).
•Child Tax Credit, provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income, as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, that does not exceed £16,190
•Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
•Where a parent is entitled to Working Tax Credit run-on (the payment someone receives for a further four weeks after they stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit).
•Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.
•Working Tax Credit, provided they have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190 per year (eligible for 2 Year Old Funding only)
•Universal Credit

If a parent receives any amount of Working Tax Credits (unless it’s the 4 week run on which is awarded when someone has recently stopped work) they are not entitled to FSM/EYPP/PP.