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Wednesday 14 October 2020

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Ski Visit February 2018

This year was our first ever Outwood Academy Carlton Ski trip to Obertauern in Austria. 19 students from years 9 and 11 and 3 staff left excitedly on the Friday looking forward to all of the adventures that were going to be experienced over the next 8 days. The week was something that many of the students had never experienced before. The trips to Xscape prior to the half term break didn’t come close to the views that were seen high up in the Austrian mountains. The journey to and from Obertauern was quite long and arduous however the students were fantastic. The first few days skiing were certainly testing for all of the students in numerous ways. Their skills, both physically and mentally, were challenged and pushed throughout. What made it worthwhile was seeing how well the students developed and progressed over the week. It was watching them battle their own reservations or the little voices inside them that said they couldn’t do it. It was seeing their faces and smiles when they realised that they could they achieve their goals and it was seeing the awe in their eyes when they witnessed the twinkling frozen air and the wondrous mountainous views emblazoned with snow, sun and blue sky. All of the students overcame some barriers that pushed them out of their comfort zone and enabled them to see parts of themselves that they have never seen before.

During the evenings the students were able to bond as a group and enjoy making friends with other young people, whilst partaking in a variety of activities located on site at the Felseralm Hotel. We were lucky to experience the winter toboggan run, the Lucky Flitzer, a unique toboggan run in Salzburger Land. The students and staff were able to enjoy the pleasure on rails – at a length of 1,100 meters, speed of 42Km/h and temperatures of -14degrees. Lots of laughs, shrieks and smiles were seen and heard.

The students that represented Outwood Academy Carlton on the trip were Benjamin Ackroyd, Luke Bennett, Joshua Charlesworth, Georgia Dolan, Amy Fleetwood, Tom Hardwick, Cody Lyman-Heaton, Lily Martin, Loris Newman, Billie Nowodny, Alex Rollinson, Joshua Schofield, Ebony Sheard, Aidan Simpson , Joshua Turner, Harrison Wagstaffe, Megan Watkinson, George Whittaker and Millie Wright.

The staff who supported this trip were Miss K. Ellis, Mr I. Simpson and Mr T. Lockwood.

We hope that this is the first of many international Ski trips.

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