Lockdown Poem


When things go wrong as they often do,
When the work you’re set leaves you with just no clue,
When the computer is slow and the internet’s down
And you want to smile, but you have to frown,
When it’s all too much and you want to shout,
Turn it all off and take some time out.
When you long to be back in your familiar classroom
Because it’s so hard to understand a lesson on Google Classroom
It’s just not the same as laughing at what the teachers do
We understand and, weirdly, we miss that too!
When your work won’t upload no matter what you try
And the screen says “error” and you don’t know why
Then you hear the sound of your e-mail ping,
Your teacher is asking “have you done this thing?”
You feel the anxiety rising in your chest
Take some time out – it’s time for a rest
When the tears start rolling down your cheeks
Because you’ve not seen your friends for so many weeks.
And then you and your mum have had a big row,
because she said “don’t ask me, I’ve no time right now”
when this crazy world is making you feel full of doubt
close your books and take some time out
What’s happening at the moment is strange and tough,
And the work you are doing is more than enough
We know you’re worried, sad, bored and unsure
We all are – we’ve never had to do this before!
So don’t stress about school, instead go outside,
Play a game, read a book or go on a bike ride.
Watch some TV or FaceTime a friend
And try to remember this will all come to an end.
Please don’t worry about school work,
we don’t want you to.
Instead go and do the other stuff
that makes you feel more like you.
Maybe go in the kitchen and bake a cake
Or take the dog out to swim in the lake
Chat to your sibling – go on, give them a chance….
Or log on to tik Tok and create a cool dance!
Do what you enjoy and look after yourself,
there’s nothing more important than your mental health.
After a rest things won’t seem so bad,
the work won’t be as hard and you’ll not feel as sad.
When you log back on you’ll see just how close you were
to completing the task that seemed too hard at first.
And if not, then it’s as easy as this:
Just send an e-mail saying “please help me miss”
We’ll be there and we’ll send a reply
We’ll explain it again and say all you can do is try….
Because we do know that you are trying your best
And we, your teachers, will look after the rest.
Don’t worry about failing or falling behind,
when we get back to school we’ll have time to rewind.
Everybody is Working from home
So take comfort in that you’re not in this alone,
The teachers and students are all in the same boat,
paddling like crazy, but only just keeping afloat!
So keep going, do your best and stick with it -
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.