Support for Mr Tate


Support for Mr Tate

You are probably aware that Mr Tate has been very unwell recently. He is suffering from something called Guillain Barre Syndrome, a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system, and this has meant that he has been off school and in hospital for many weeks. Many students have asked that we run some sort of event in support of Mr Tate, so that we can raise some funds for him.

On Tuesday of this week, students will be allowed to adapt their uniform by wearing the colours of their continent (Oceania = yellow, Asia = red, The Americas = green, Africa = blue). This will also coincide with Sports Day, which is particularly fitting, given that Mr Tate is also a very talented and passionate sportsman. Uniform can be adapted by wearing a coloured item of clothing such as a tie or socks. Alternatively, coloured badges or hair accessories could be worn. As this will still be an important day of learning, the uniform should otherwise be unaltered and items of clothing such as shirts, trousers, shoes and blazers cannot be changed, hair should not be dyed and nail varnish cannot be worn.

Importantly, students have asked that they are able to donate funds to support Mr Tate during this difficult time and a justgiving page has been set up for this purpose:

JustGiving Page – Mr Tate

Cash donations can be made during the day in the collection buckets that will be made available throughout the day.