Every Minute of Every Lesson Counts


The massive improvements in attendance at Outwood Academy Carlton were recognised by Ofsted in December 2015 when they found "attendance of all groups" had increased compared to 2013-14; overall attendance rising by 2.3% and persistent absenteeism reducing by over 5%. The strapline "Every Minute of Every Lesson Counts" underpins all aspects of the strategy leading to significant impact at all levels.
In May 2016, Suzie Day (Associate Assistant Principal responsible for Attendance) presented the 'Attendance Matters at Outwood Academy Carlton Strategy' to all secondary schools in Barnsley as a model of good practice. This led to a number of local secondary schools forging links with the academy to find out how the strategy is embedded into all aspects of teaching, learning and how this was achieved using the Trust's 4i model of 'information, identify, intervene, impact'.
Currently, Outwood Academy Carlton has the most improved attendance in the local authority; the upward trend in attendance is projected to rise above the national average in the next academic year and this is all part of our journey towards becoming a truly outstanding academy.