Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 3

Students study French for two hours per week for the first two years at Outwood Academy Carlton.

Our curriculum is aimed at improving students’ understanding of the language, as well as developing their basic skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing). Students learn through context based lessons, for e.g. Y7: The Simpsons (my town), Y8 Ushuaia (the environment). We regularly use authentic materials to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the world around us and current issues.

To help with Extended Learning, all students have their own Vocab Express account to support their vocabulary learning at home.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students have the opportunity to study a GCSE in French.
The AQA course which we currently follow focusses on four different topics:

• Lifestyle
• Leisure
• Home & Environment
• Work & Education

There are two written Controlled Assessments (30%), two spoken Controlled Assessments (30%), a Listening exam. (20%) and a Reading exam.(20%)

Again, we use authentic materials as often as possible, and encourage students to further develop their cultural knowledge and understanding.