ICT and iMedia

Key Stage 3

Due to societies obsession with social networking we cover elements of e-Safety in order to equip our students with the knowledge they require to protect themselves from the dangers that exist within this area. In order to equip our students with the skills needed for life outside school they will also cover the key areas within Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Graphic manipulation and animation software is also explored to give our students an experience within this genre and also provide them some of the skills required for the OCR iMedia course (should they opt to study this).

Students in Year 7 – 8 (core) are also studying an introductory course looking at the fundamental principles of Computer Science, enhancing this knowledge with an introduction to various programming techniques using Scratch and Visual Basic.

Key Stage 4

OCR Cambridge Nationals – iMedia

Year 9 – 2 year course

Year 11 – 1 year course

Today, you live in a world of technology. This course moves you from ‘how to use it’ to ‘why we use it’ – not just in your daily lives, but in everything from advertisements and communication, to digital graphics and comic strips.

Students learn:

What makes a good graphic or advertisement and how it can affect the audience.

Explore a variety of technologies, from communication tools, like Facebook and email to industry standard software and the latest gadgets.

Investigate the impact that media, and using ICT in media, has on society and develop transferable skills such as manipulating graphics or creating sound and video.

Details of the course

Unit 1 Pre-production skills
1 hr 15 min exam: 25% of the total marks

Unit 2 Core unit: Creating Digital graphics
Approximately 10 hours of Controlled Assessment 25% of the marks Internally assessed, externally moderated.
The description of a situation will be provided by OCR each year. Within the given situation, and working independently, candidates will be asked to solve one or more tasks requiring independent use of ICT.

Unit 3/4 Optional tasks
Approximately 10 hours of Controlled Assessment each
25% of the marks each.
Internally assessed, externally moderated.
These units can be chosen from a range of topics which include video editing, digital graphics, comic strips and music technology.