Key Stage 3

Whilst studying Key Stage 3 History students have one lesson a week in Year 7 and two lessons a week in Year 8. The course covers three themes in both years: Politics, Conflict and Society.
In Year 7 the Politics theme looks at Tudor times, The English Civil War and Charles II. The Conflict theme investigates The British Empire and Slavery. In the Society theme students look at Victorian Britain and how people’s lives changed rapidly due to industrial expansion.
In Year 8 the same three themes are used to learn about a range of topics which include:

World War I

World War II

The Cold War

Societal change looking at the development of the NHS, the impact of immigration on the UK and life in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Key Stage 4

History is a very popular option choice at Outwood Academy Carlton and we follow the SHP GCSE course from OCR.
This is a full GCSE course and is made up of 3 separate units:

The American West – Exam

Medicine Through Time – Exam

Fountains Abbey – Controlled Assessment

The SHP History course enables students to study change over an extended period of time. Through examining the developments in medical knowledge, worth 35% of the GCSE through examination, students identify elements of change and continuity and assess the reasons for this. Within the American West, worth 40% of the GCSE through examination, students are able to examine the key features of life in the newly discovered West of America and explain how the lives of the Indians were changed significantly. Finally, through a study of Fountains Abbey as part of their controlled assessment, worth 25% of the GCSE, students are able to examine a local site, explaining its significance throughout its existence.