Design and Technology

The aims of the department are that each student leaves the Academy with creative and practical skills which allow them to problem solve in life.
In Years 7, 8 students will undertake half the year in Food Technology and half the year in Resistant Materials Technology. All projects undertaken in lessons are reflected in regular homework.
In Food Technology all students will be shown the basics skills of food preparation and hygiene and will cook every other week after observing a demonstration on what is required. Students will make a wide range of English and International dishes from meals and healthily snacks. In Resistant Materials students will undertake a mixture of research design and practical work producing an outcome over each half term. These range from Pewter Casting to CAD/CAM Mirrors to Vehicles and Mechanisms.

How you can support your child in DT

Tuesday DT 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Revision theory guide supplied by school with regular homework set.